Monday, June 7, 2010

Delhi Resident Clocked at 205 kph

According to this news story on the CD 98.9 web site, 35-year-old Keith Corbett from Delhi was caught traveling 205 kilometers per hour on the 403 near Highway 24, on his Suzuki motorcycle. The story has been picked up by several major news outlets as well, including the Toronto Star.

The OPP spokesperson identifies that stretch of the 403 as a "high enforcement zone". Interesting, actually. Mind you, in my experience the OPP presence there isn't nearly as visible as around, say, Napanee or Chatham.

More interesting is that traditional police cruisers (Crown Vics, etc.) typically have a rather difficult time stopping people at these kinds of excessive speeds, so usually when you hear about these stops you're looking at either a specialty cruiser (I've heard of some police services using Camaros), or - as in this case - aircraft.

Reportedly, the police tried to pull him over, but he fled and they couldn't keep up. He then tried to hide the bike off of Bishopsgate, but was spotted by the aircraft.

There's more to this story, though. In addition to the obvious - vehicle seized, license suspended, charged with dangerous driving and fleeing from police - he has also reportedly been charged with using unauthorized plates and failing to have insurance.

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